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These are the gemstones and natural materials that Stylish Girl uses to make her unique creations.

Agate – dispels sickness

Amazonite – soothes worries

Amethyst – contentment

Aquamarine – courage, intellect

Chalcedony – benevolence

 Garnet – health, devotion

Idocrase –  bravery,  intuition

Iolite – spiritual growth

Jade – dream stone

Labradorite – progression

Moonstone – good fortune

Onyx – master of own future

Opal – imagination, creativity

Pearl – faith, innocence

Peridot – openness, understanding

Pyrite – protection

Quartz Crystal – harmony, purification

Rose Quartz – pure love

Smoky Quartz – dispel negative energy

Tiger Eye – peacefulness, wealth

Tourmaline – self confidence

Turquoise – heals mind, body, spirit