about us

Stylish Girl is lovingly handmade in my Chicago home studio with a trio of dovetail collections. All three collections begin with recycled sterling silver, 14k gold fill, 14k rose-gold fill, stainless steel, natural gemstones, pearl and crystals as well as sterling, gold fill, and plated brass chains.

The Crochet collection was created as homage to my grandmother that taught me the craft as a young child. I begin with vintage crochet patterns, which I adapt or develop into new patterns, which allow me to crochet with metals in lieu of traditional yarns. Some slight modifications of traditional crochet tools help with the transference process and then additionally allow the incorporation of gemstones and pearls in interesting and unique ways. The end results evoke natural and geometric shapes.

The Metal collection is influenced by my machinist stepfather who taught me to recognize the artistry and Hand involved in crafting. This line includes hammered and shaped pieces that I design and create based on antique calligraphy and geometric shapes. I collaborated with a computer engineer to 3d print mandrels which allow me to recreate unique and complex shapes.

The Gemstone collection is inspired by my painter mother and father who taught me to love color and nature in all forms. I hand select and wire each gemstone with care to ensure that its unique qualities are shown, then combined to create unusual pieces.